Did you know?
Approximately 1 in 4 people will suffer from an Anxiety disorder at some point in thier lives!

Anxiety Disorder is a behavioural 'condition' which results from a re-setting of the benchmark anxiety level.
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Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is caused by the subconscious mind reacting inappropriately during times of stress and by doing so, 'learning' to produce anxiety symptoms even when there is nothing present to be anxious about.

Anxiety produces symptoms, sensations and thoughts which cause the sufferer to feel as if there is something more wrong with them; most anxiety sufferers believe, for example, that they are suffering with a much more sinister and potentially harmful medical condition and find it difficult to accept the anxiety disorder diagnosis.

Anxiety is appropriate when and if there is something present to fear. The anxiety response evolved as an 'alarm' signal, warning and preparing us to respond quickly and appropriately when confronted by real danger - a situation when appropriate anxiety is important to our survival.

Anxiety disorder can be alarming, frustrating and limiting.

Hopefully, this anxiety resource will show you that your anxiety is not a mental or physical illness and that you can eliminate your inappropriate anxiety completely without drugs or psychological analysis.

You can and will defeat your anxiety.