Did you know?
Approximately 1 in 4 people will suffer from an Anxiety disorder at some point in thier lives!

Anxiety Disorder is a behavioural 'condition' which results from a re-setting of the benchmark anxiety level.
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The Linden Method - Fast effective and permanent anxiety elimination method

What treatment is available for Anxiety?

For successful, complete and permanent elimination of an anxiety disorder, it is vital that the sufferer understand that their problem is not a mental or physical illness and that they acknowledge that their anxiety is solely responsible for the symptoms they experience.

When this is understood, a structured, informative and supportive method of anxiety elimination is carried out.

Treating anxiety in this way is not only completely successful in over 96% of cases, but also very simple to do, producing permanent anxiety elimination.

Anxiety Drug Treatment

Anxiety drug treatment is inappropriate; drugs may have a 'short term' soporific affect (making them drowsy to eliminate the acute anxiety), but long term, drugs are not the solution to anxiety disorders.

At some point the anxiety has to be addressed directly, withdrawing anxiety medications can cause 'rebound anxiety' which is likely more distressing than the initial anxiety itself for most sufferers.

Psychology and Psychiatry ('Talking' Therapies)

Psychology and psychiatry have their place in anxiety management, however, for the most part, they provide only momentary relief for anxiety sufferers during the sessions and between sessions leave the sufferer feeling more alone with their anxiety.

The psychological basis of these therapies is good (in theory) - unfortunately, their implementation and practice is spasmodic and fragmented - not what an anxiety sufferer requires at all.

Successful anxiety treatments must:

Anxiety elimination is simple if the sufferer has the infrastructure and support required.